“What can I say, I’m a veteran of 9 marathons, and many triathlons and cycling events. I thought that sports massage was a myth and that nothing could really help your legs recover from a hard pounding. I was wrong, so wrong. In April 2012 I embarked on a challenge to run 3 marathons (Paris, London and Milton Keynes) in 3 weekends (15 days), after the first one my friend suggested Billericay Sports Therapy to get me back up on my feet. The treatment I received made all the difference, and rehabilitated my hamstrings and quads to the extent that the second marathon felt achievable. After the second marathon I had 2 focussed sessions and I believe again this made the third marathon much easier. So if you are wondering whether massage makes any difference – it’s settled. It makes a huge difference and needs to be part of any endurance athletes kit bag”