Billericay Sports Therapy uses deep tissue, Sports Massage to influence repair, recovery and injury prevention not only in the professional athlete but anybody who puts excess stress on their muscles on a day to day basis. For example, someone who sits at a computer all day and ends up slumping over the keyboard will in time potentially end up with very tight and painful neck and shoulder muscles. Sports massage treatment will help to relieve this problem and at Billericay Sports Therapy we use many different techniques to compliment basic Sports massage techniques, including the unique Be Activated method to help prevent it in the future.

Sports massage and Be activated techniques not only help the repair and recovery of muscle but keeps your muscles in good condition, allowing optimal range of movement, flexibility and power output.


  • Increased Circulation
  • Removal of Waste Products in the Muscles
  • Stretching of muscles and Fascia
  • Breaking Down of Scar Fissue
  • Increased Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Release of Muscular Tension and Spasm
  • Reduction of stress
  • Increased micro circulation
  • Pain reduction
  • Relaxation


Sports massage treatments also involve Soft tissue release, neuromuscular techniques and Muscle energy techniques.


Advanced technique which brings into play the nervous system to over ride reflex holding patterns, which eradicate tension areas and scar tissue.


Advanced technique which allows involvement of the patient in helping to reduce scar tissue, muscular adhesions and to gain improved flexibility.


Advanced technique which allows involvement of the patient in stretching, strengthening and the breaking down of fibrous adhesions and scar tissue.

Sports Injury Customer Testimonials

  • First visited Gary over 3 years ago for treatment with an injury I sustained in a kickboxing bout, not only did he sort the injury I can back feeling stronger from it. I have used him ever since for massages and to treat minor niggles etc. A first class service and a top guy to boot. Highly recommend.

    Lee Graves
  • Great service . Very knowledgable on fitness and overall health 👍

    Waz Siraj
  • This should be on everybodys speed dial, fixed my ligament problems, SI joint and stiff spine. cant say enough good about Gary!!!!!!

    Clare Horgan
  • Highly recommend Gary’s work. It took some time but after learning how to breath properly I have increased my performance and have lost 3 stone. Go and check it out!

    Ed Rome
  • Gary is fab- my son has had various sporting ailments and problems related to his growth spurts. Gary is excellent- hugely knowledgable. Never more appointments than you need- just gets the job done! 👏🏻

    Jo Ellis
  • Great friendly guy. Done a fantastic job on my back injury, along with pointing out some other issues that have been building.
    Will definitely continue to use him.
    Phil Sandilands
  • Absolutely brilliant. Extremely knowledgeable, knows his stuff, gets results!

    Karen Gunnell Lefteri
  • Gary is great, cannot recommend him enough. Far more than just a great massage.

    Sue Akehurst
  • Great service. Very highly recommended.

    Jess McKenna
  • I can't thank Gary enough. I was in chronic pain for three years and until I started treatment with Gary I had no idea what was wrong with me. Cannot recommend strongly enough.

    Christopher Slee
  • Visited yesterday...... as a Hairdresser in December it takes its toll on, back neck and shoulders. I was in terrible pain, I slept better than I had in weeks last night. Thanks for fitting me in at short notice and reliving the pain so I could work without taking paracetamol.

    Sonia King
  • My wife and i were recommended to Gary. My wife has always suffered with back problems, in the 4 years she has been seeing Gary she has not had any back problems at all.

    Karl Rank
  • I went to see Gary with a bad back & trapped nerve and in constant pain.
    Within 5 sessions Gary had me back to my normal self.
    I cant praise him enough

    Stuart Boyle
  • Brilliant as always

    Jamie Porter

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