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Great friendly guy. Done a fantastic job on my back injury, along with pointing out some other issues that have been building.
Will definitely continue to use him.

Phil SandilandsPhil Sandilands

I am 67 and have been asthmatic since the age of 11 and have taken asthma medication since then, including “relievers”, “preventers” and steroids.

The Buteyko Breathing course has been a complete revelation to me. By applying the techniques and following the exercise regime, in only five weeks I have achieved a marked improvement in my quality of life. Furthermore, the daily breathing exercises are not onerous but they have to be done correctly to be effective. Gary is a very committed, knowledgeable and attentive Instructor /Coach and this helped me enormously.

The main results after only five weeks are:
• Major reduction in inherent wheeziness
• Higher day-time energy levels
• Better quality (and less) sleep
• Significant increase in my thresholds for undertaking strenuous activity
• I haven’t needed my reliever inhaler for, at least, 15 days. This is unique and incredible for me!

The results are very compelling and I am sure asthmatics of all ages could improve their quality of life by undertaking a Breathing course with Gary.

Kevin RadleyKevin Radley

Visited yesterday...... as a Hairdresser in December it takes its toll on, back neck and shoulders. I was in terrible pain, I slept better than I had in weeks last night. Thanks for fitting me in at short notice and reliving the pain so I could work without taking paracetamol. �

Sonja KingSonja King

Great service. Very highly recommended.

Jess MckennaJess Mckenna

I fell down the stairs over a year ago and tore 3 ligaments in my ankle. A year of physio and an operation and I still couldn’t run without pain. Running was my passion so I decided to go somewhere else and 3 months later after being seen by Sports Therapy I just ran my first 10k post injury in a great time 👍🙌

Can’t thank Gary enough, I was genuinely starting to believe would never run again.

Brilliant would highly recommend

Jacqueline BeanlandJacqueline Beanland

I've been working with Gary Ling since the beginning of the year now, focusing on my breathing. During training, as I have asthma, it was normally my lungs and chest that gave up first. However, since doing a few single breathing exercises (breath holds etc) not only have I had no asthmatic symptoms, but I have also seen an increase in my fitness levels and an improvement in my recovery rate 🙏🏽 Definitely recommend 👍🏼

Hayley McLeanHayley McLean

Friendly, professional and effective therapy! Gary is very knowledgeable and offers a variety of techniques. Both myself, my husband and friend have all been treated by him and I wouldn't hesitate to return for ongoing sports therapy.

After a shocking (my body condition) initial assessment (went there with shoulder and neck pain) it was clear that my muscle network was completely out of sync and I was using incorrect muscle groups for tasks. Whilst the 'activations' are some what unpleasant Gary teaches you how to self activate at home, by the second session I already saw progress and continued to progress each week. Gary aims to solve the problem within only a few sessions unlike these 'programmes' other chiropractors and physiotherapists want to sign you up to. He used activations and manipulation on me, acupuncture on my husband and other manipulation techniques on my friend so it isn't just 'one for all'. I've already recommended him further and will attend for follow up sessions just to make sure all my muscle groups are correctly activated.

Samantha LottSamantha Lott

Absolutely brilliant. Extremely knowledgeable, knows his stuff, gets results!

Karen Gunnell LefteriKaren Gunnell Lefteri

I would like to publicly thank Gary
I went on a breathing course as I was having panic attacks about wearing a mask. I have not had a panic attack since and have used the breathing techniques daily.
Highly recommended if you have similar issues.

Carriann EverardCarriann Everard

I have played football since I was 4 (21 now) I played at a decent standard but have been riddled with injuries from 16 onwards - having surgery twice. Hamstring trouble, quad trouble - you name it I had it. I have been playing semi pro for 2 years, and was ready to give up this year because I had spent half my time on the physio bed with muscle strains (mainly hamstring), and I don’t think I managed 1 full game last season because of injuries.

My neighbour and also a good friend recommended Gary to me, and said that he was amazing so I thought I would give it a go, as I thought I was a bit of a loss cause.

Since seeing Gary, I have not been injured once - and better than that, I have not even felt tight/weak after matches. I have played about 10/11 FULL games in quick succession - sometimes 3 games in 1 week, seeing Gary once every 1 or 2 weeks, and it has honestly changed me completely. I hadn’t played a 90 minute game in about a year and a half, and seeing Gary has meant I don’t even think about coming off at all.

I couldn’t recommend him high enough, what he has done for me and is continuing to do to make sure I stay fit is remarkable and something I am truly thankful for.

Ellis LentellEllis Lentell

Gary is great, cannot recommend him enough. Far more than just a great massage.

Sue  AkehurstSue Akehurst

Highly recommend Gary’s work. It took some time but after learning how to breath properly I have increased my performance and have lost 3 stone. Go and check it out!

Ed RomeEd Rome

I went to see Gary with very tight shoulder neck and back muscles and I was suffering from migraines as well.
He introduced me the diaphragm breathing which I wasn’t doing. It’s made such a difference. I’m sleeping better and my mobility has improved greatly. I also received massages as well which helped relax and loosen up the muscles. I’ve not felt this good for a long time. Thank you Gary.
I recommend him to anyone who has tight back and neck muscles to go see him. He has helped me greatly.

Claire PageClaire Page

Gary is fab- my son has had various sporting ailments and problems related to his growth spurts. Gary is excellent- hugely knowledgable. Never more appointments than you need- just gets the job done! 👏🏻

Jo EllisJo Ellis

I can't thank Gary enough. I was in chronic pain for three years and until I started treatment with Gary I had no idea what was wrong with me. Cannot recommend strongly enough.

Christopher SleeChristopher Slee

“What can I say, I’m a veteran of 9 marathons, and many triathlons and cycling events. I thought that sports massage was a myth and that nothing could really help your legs recover from a hard pounding. I was wrong, so wrong. In April 2012 I embarked on a challenge to run 3 marathons (Paris, London and Milton Keynes) in 3 weekends (15 days), after the first one my friend suggested Billericay Sports Therapy to get me back up on my feet. The treatment I received made all the difference, and rehabilitated my hamstrings and quads to the extent that the second marathon felt achievable. After the second marathon I had 2 focussed sessions and I believe again this made the third marathon much easier. So if you are wondering whether massage makes any difference – it’s settled. It makes a huge difference and needs to be part of any endurance athletes kit bag”

Dave Howell

“From many hours of training and playing squash I have of course had my fair share of muscle, tendon and ligament strains, joint problems andmuscular imbalances. Gary has treated all of these with a professional approach, demonstrating a high level of expertise in these areas. His knowledge of therapy techniques for soft tissue, mobilisation of joints and understanding of the whole body as a unit is second to none. He has been able to ascertain the problem from tests and treat it accordingly with success.

His rehabilitation is thorough with stretching and strengthening programmes appropriate to the injury. He has always been positive about recovery and for me never failed to help out in an emergency! I would recommend Gary for joint and muscular problems without hesitation.”


“I went to Billericay sports therapy clinic to help me as I had been suffering from shoulder pain for many months. It was seriously starting to hinder my training and as a competitive body builder I was unable to perform certain exercises due to the pain. Gary found that I had a weakness in my shoulder which was causing pain in one of my tendons. He gave me some corrective exercises to do to correct my shoulder imbalance and along with sports massage the pain significantly reduced after just a couple of weeks meaning I can now carry out the exercises I was unable to do. This has allowed me to continue training towards my next competition. Thanks Gary. I recommend you to any one suffering from a sports injury.


“I was suffering with substantial lower back pain, which had started to significantly interfere with my favourite past time, and I found it was actually more difficult to get a golf ball out of the holethan into it in the first place. A friend recommended Gary Ling and within only a few sessions my back pain had as good as vanished completely. Gary has a profound knowledge of the human muscular system. He explains things clearly and does not blind with science. His solutions are quick, effective and extremely professional. Highly recommended. I would not go anywhere else”.


“Gary’s expertise as a sports massage therapist has really helped to improve the flexibility and comfort of the muscles in my back and neck. The muscle in my back and neck are often very tight which results in headaches and lower back pain. Regular massage from Gary has helped to loosen these muscles so I feel much more comfortable. Gary’s attention to detail and his desire to ensure that I maintain a healthy back and neck has meant tha I don’t have headaches now and feel much better. Thanks Gary. I would recommend that anyone with neck and back pains contact Gary straight away as I know he will be able to help you”.


“I fractured and dislocated my ankle whilst playing semi professional football. Gary carried out my entire treatment and rehabilitation from the moment the plaster cast was removed to the day I returned to game play. His knowledge and encouragement during my rehabilitation was fantastic and without his expertise I may never have returned to football, not least at semi professional level. I owe the rest of my footballing career to Gary and highly recommend him to anybody who needs advice and rehabilitation”.

Matt Game

“I started going to Gary with problems with my neck and arm. Having previously been to other therapists, with little improvements to my symptoms, Gary used a combination of sports massage and remedial exercises which enabled me to make a full recovery. I highly recommend him”.

Caroline Girling

“I went to visit Gary after experiencing severe pain in my right ankle (tendinitis) 6 weeks before my very first marathon. I received treatment on my ankle during my first session and Gary also gave me some daily exercises to do. During my treatment Gary was very helpful and insightful and would always encourage me that I would be able to do the marathon even though I had major doubts myself. I saw Gary weekly right up until the day before the marathon, and during the final weeks he even helped me set out my training plan after having a few weeks off due to my injury. I am happy to say I completed the full 26.2 miles pain free and I couldn’t be happier. I couldn’t have completed the marathon without Gary’s help, I would highly recommend him. Thanks Gary.”


“After visiting numerous people regarding my lower back/hip pain just 6 weeks before Dublin Marathon Gary was recommended to me and I cannot praise him enough. After just a few sessions of acupuncture and sports massage, I was able to go from limping when walking, to completing the marathon in my best time with no pain at all.I can’t thank Gary enough for his help and encouragement when I was beginning to think I would not be running for months, instead I’m looking forward to my next marathon. Thanks again”.

Kayley Warrington

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