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Sorted me out 10yrs ago and I’ve been an injury free runner since. But I now a hip/glute injury has stopped me running. 1st session about body maintenance, which caused injury, and locating the pain. Back next week to work on fixing it. Gary is excellent, informed and knowledgeable. He doesn’t just fix the problem but helps preventing further injuries.

Simon Theobald
I went to see Gary with very tight shoulder neck and back muscles and I was suffering from migraines as well.
He introduced me the diaphragm breathing which I wasn’t doing. It’s made such a difference. I’m sleeping better and my mobility has improved greatly. I also received massages as well which helped relax and loosen up the muscles. I’ve not felt this good for a long time. Thank you Gary.
I recommend him to anyone who has tight back and neck muscles to go see him. He has helped me greatly.


Claire Page
I fell down the stairs over a year ago and tore 3 ligaments in my ankle. A year of physio and an operation and I still couldn’t run without pain. Running was my passion so I decided to go somewhere else and 3 months later after being seen by Sports Therapy I just ran my first 10k post injury in a great time 👍🙌
Can’t thank Gary enough, I was genuinely starting to believe would never run again.
Brilliant would highly recommend
Jacqueline Beanland
I have played football since I was 4 (21 now) I played at a decent standard but have been riddled with injuries from 16 onwards - having surgery twice. Hamstring trouble, quad trouble - you name it I had it. I have been playing semi pro for 2 years, and was ready to give up this year because I had spent half my time on the physio bed with muscle strains (mainly hamstring), and I don’t think I managed 1 full game last season because of injuries.
My neighbour and also a good friend recommended Gary to me, and said that he was amazing so I thought I would give it a go, as I thought I was a bit of a loss cause.
Since seeing Gary, I have not been injured once - and better than that, I have not even felt tight/weak after matches. I have played about 10/11 FULL games in quick succession - sometimes 3 games in 1 week, seeing Gary once every 1 or 2 weeks, and it has honestly changed me completely. I hadn’t played a 90 minute game in about a year and a half, and seeing Gary has meant I don’t even think about coming off at all.
I couldn’t recommend him high enough, what he has done for me and is continuing to do to make sure I stay fit is remarkable and something I am truly thankful for.
Ellis Lentell
Friendly, professional and effective therapy! Gary is very knowledgeable and offers a variety of techniques. Both myself, my husband and friend have all been treated by him and I wouldn't hesitate to return for ongoing sports therapy.
After a shocking (my body condition) initial assessment (went there with shoulder and neck pain) it was clear that my muscle network was completely out of sync and I was using incorrect muscle groups for tasks. Whilst the 'activations' are some what unpleasant Gary teaches you how to self activate at home, by the second session I already saw progress and continued to progress each week. Gary aims to solve the problem within only a few sessions unlike these 'programmes' other chiropractors and physiotherapists want to sign you up to. He used activations and manipulation on me, acupuncture on my husband and other manipulation techniques on my friend so it isn't just 'one for all'. I've already recommended him further and will attend for follow up sessions just to make sure all my muscle groups are correctly activated.
Samantha Lott

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